Customer of the Month- The Rascoe's- Pt. 2

(part 2- continued)

"Let's sell him the car!  I'll take your offer of the reduced fee, that is very much appreciated.  I know you'd like to get it off your showroom floor as much as I'd like to sell it.  
It does matter to me. He's someone who will love the car; I have literally refused to sell cars and bikes to people who I felt didn't deserve them. Karma is a good thing, let's make him the happiest guy in the world and both feel good about it.  I'd enjoy meeting him, I'm quite involved with charity work myself and it is always good to meet others who are trying to make a positive difference in this crazy world.
I can drop off the title whenever you are ready to finalize the deal, just let me know.
Thanks Brian, made my day!

Upon receiving the response from Scott, I started to cry knowing what was about to transpire.  It made me feel so good.  It's moments like this that make the car business worthwhile.  I then immediately phone Kris back and relay this incredible news about how happy we are, and that the owner of the vehicle is able to help out and make this dream a reality. 

Kris and I along with Valencia and their two kids, Lars Jr. and Lauren, helped stage what would become a day to remember.  Kris told Lars he had a car in for service (which he really did) and asked if he could get a ride to Gator.  Knowing that as long as Lars' schedule was open, he'd jump at the opportunity to check out the cars.  Upon arrival, I had placed a SOLD sign on the car and when Lars came around the corner and saw the car, you could see his eyes sadden as he saw the yellow SOLD sticker on the windshield.  I told Lars that it's sold and going to a great home. I tell him that we probably won't get another one in ever again in this condition and this low of miles, so he should probably sit in it just to get a feel for it. Lars agreed. He carefully opened the door and slowly entered the car and sat down.  He wrapped his hands around the wheel and gave big smiles.  After a minute in the car, reality started to sink in that the car is sold and is soon to be in a new owner's hands. Lars exited the car and walked to the other side of the building to meet with Dan and Kris.  

At the very same time, Valencia, Lars Jr., and Lauren positioned themselves standing near the car out of sight of Lars.  As Lars came back around the corner, his children and Valencia were standing next to the car smiling. Lauren held a poster that read 'I'm all yours Doc....Let's go for a spin!'  Lars wasn't sure what was going on and definitely thought this was a joke.  After a few more smiles and questions, Lars realized what was actually happening. That's when the hundreds of hugs, tears of joy, and countless thank you's started pouring out from everyone involved.  At this time, Scott arrived and was able to partake in this memorable day.  At this point Lars still didn't want to sit in the car as he didn't feel it was his own just yet. It was a wonderful sight to see and to be apart of.  

Scott then insisted that Lars needed to drive it since it was now his! Without hesitation, Lars took the car out and drove it around the building and parked it under the sun. It was a beautiful 75 degree day- couldn't be any more perfect.  After several more hugs, more chatter between Lars and Scott about the car, Boyz II Men and life, Lars drove off in his new Guards Red Porsche under the sun-soaked blue sky.  

 Everyone at Gator Motorsport would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Mr. Scott Beauchamp, Mr. Kris Keys, and the Rascoe family for making this happen!