SOLD! - 2011 Lotus Exige S260 Sport - Aspen White w/ Exposed Carbon Fiber - Red & Black Alcantara - 6-speed Manual w/ LSD - 1 of 3 Produced for 2011! - Thank You J.C. from CA!

Gator Motorsport proudly offers one of the most sought-after cars Lotus has ever built.  This 2011 Exige S260 Sport is 1 of 3 produced and imported to North America.  One in Graphite Gray, one in Phantom Black, and the other is now in our shop available for purchase!  To many, the standard Lotus Exige already represents the ultimate sports car both on and off the track.  That said, the S260 Sport raises the bar even higher and represents the pinnacle of the Lotus experience.  The S260 Sport (not to be confused with the S260) offers several enhancements over the standard Exige including extensive carbon fiber bodywork (roof, wing, front splitter, mechanical access panels, etc.), carbon fiber trim (dash, sills, seats, etc), limited slip, touring package (cup holder, interior stowage net, full carpet, ipod connectivity, leather center console, stowage space divider, additional acoustic insulation) and track package (Lotus Motorsport tuned Ohlin Dampers, height adjustable springs) all as standard.  The engine is modified as well and sees the HP boosted to 257 with 174 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 times for the car are estimated at less than 4 seconds by Lotus yet still returning 20MPG city and 26MPG highway.
This well maintained vehicle has been equipped with the only factory option (starshield paint protection) and shows only 12,110 miles on the odometer.  One of only three S260 Sports imported for 2011, this vehicle is an instant classic.  The S260 Sport is 60lbs lighter than the S260 and weighs in right at 2,000 lbs.  Depending on which wheels are fitted and which bits you add or take off, this vehicle can have a curb weight under 2,000 lbs!  
All owners of this vehicle have taken meticulous care of it. 
First Owner - Glendale, CA
  • Sold with 6,136 miles in June of 2012


Second Owner - Carmel, IN

  • Purchased August 2012 with 6,158 miles
  • 8/13 // 6,352 miles - New Tires, Brake Fluid Flush, Oil/Filter Change
  • 11/13 // 6,354 miles - Ohlins updated shock washers


Third Owner - Zionsville, IN

  • Purchased August 2014 with 7,106 miles
  • 8/14 // 7,106 miles - Oil line recall completed
  • 8/14 // 7,221 miles - New tires installed
  • 8/14 // 7,285 miles - Oil/Filter change, Cleaned and reset Accusump seetings


Fourth Owner - Indianapolis, IN

  • Purchased July 2015 with  7,660 miles
  • 07/15 // 7,706 miles
- G-pan
- V2 arms
- InoKinetic SYS 6 pack harness mount system
- Schroth 6-point Hans harnessess
- Radium catch cans
- Corner balanced, ride height adjusted
- Nitron outer toe links
- Installed Green filter and removed snorkel
- Larini S/C exhaust - (de-cat)
  • 03/16 // 8,796 miles
- Sparco steering wheel and NRG quick release steering wheel
- InoKinetic cross drilled DBWPedals
- Bulletstuds on all wheels
- Red Innovate engine mounts
  • 08/16 // 9,675 miles
- New rear tires
  • 03/17 // 10,132 miles
- Oil/Filter change
- Brake fluid flush
- All 8 ball joints replaces and installed full set of monoballs
- 4-wheel alignment
- Non-dampening clutch line
- Carbon fibre fuel filler door
  • 05/17 // 10,166 miles
- Replaced valve and actuator of Accusump, set pressure and tested
  • 07/17 // 10,407 miles
- Replace wheel hub due to ABS light on
  • 05/18 // 10,458 miles
- Oil Change
Fifth Owner - Houston, TX
  • 06/18 // 10,458 miles
- Rear panel delete
- Rear tow hook
- Corner balance, ride height, alignment
  • 08/19 // 12,110 miles
- Oil/Filter change
- Brake and Clutch fluid flush
- New Cam

The vehicle has not been involved in any accidents and has not seen any paint or body work. 

Tread Depth LF X/32  RF X/32  LR X/32  RR X/32
Brake Pads  LF XMM   RF XMM   LR XMM   RR XMM
Data dump as of 08/21/19 with 12,110 miles:
  • 500-1500 RPM 59:24:4
  • 1500-2500 RPM 15:59:56
  • 2500-3500 RPM 54:36:40
  • 3500-4500 RPM 27:28:9
  • 4500-5500 RPM 5:51:19
  • 5500-6500 RPM 4:27:46
  • 6500-7000 RPM 1:8:10
  • 7000+ RPM: 0:51:19


  • Max Engine Speed 5  8736
  • Max Engine Speed 4  8715
  • Max Engine Speed 3  8705
  • Max Engine Speed 2  8705
  • Max Engine Speed 1  8690


The BritishSpeed Comprehensive S260 registry has done a fabulous job entailing the history and specifics of the S260 Sports and Cup editions.  The information below is taken directly from The comprehensive Exige 260 Registry
From 2006 to 2007, Lotus Sport (Lotus's motorsport division) assembled track-ready CUP versions of the popular S2 Exige platform. Exige Cup's were not able to be registered for street use in the US but was able to be registered in some limited European markets. In 2008, Lotus Sport announced a more powerful continuation - the Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260. The former Cup had evolved to 255 bhp and had now been raised slightly to 257 bhp (thereby rounding up to be 260). Although the extra HP didn't make the Cup 260 noticeably quicker than its predecessor (or even a 220 hp version) it was custom tailored for its intended purpose - to exercise tracks. At 2046 lbs, the 2008 Cup 260 could achieve zero to sixty times within 4.1 seconds and sprints to 100 in 9.9 seconds. Externally, the 2008 Cup 260 was not very distinct from previous Cup's other than a Cup 260 rear decal and European Y-spoke rims. This Cup 260 featured the same changes all other 2008 Exiges received - including new black-faced instrument panel with shift lights, sensisoft dash and trim texturing, variable slip traction control and launch control. Cup 260's came standard with 12.1 inch disk brakes up front with AP four-piston AP Racing calipers and 11.1 inch disk brakes in rear with sliding Brembo calipers, adjustable suspension dampers, a stiffer anti-roll bar, six-point roll cage, double shear control arm brace and sport seats for 56,034 euros - the equivalent of $20,000 more than the base Exige. 
Available options included:
Yokohama slicks
FIA certified Recaro/Lotus Sport drivers seat with six-point harness
18 gallon fuel cell
Stage 2 catless sports exhaust
Racing style gearbox with straight-cut gears
Lotus Sport limited slip differential
The 2008 Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260 was not made available or sold in North America - only in Europe and other markets for about 2 months. The abbreviated assembly time allowed for more comprehensive preparation and planning for the 2009 model year. 
In October 2008, the 2009 Exige Cup 260 replacement was unveiled first at the Paris Auto show as a car on a diet. Eighty six pounds were shed through the extensive use of carbon fiber and other omissions of equipment. In addition to a lighter, more balanced weight, the 2009 Cup 260 also added more track equipment as standard.
The 2009 Exige Sport/ Cup 260 was and remains the most pure, focused and powerful street-legal series-2 production Exige. 
In November of 2008, Lotus premiered the North American version of the Exige Cup 260, simply labeled the Exige Sport 260 at the LA Auto Show. The Sport 260 was sold as the continuation and evolution of the Cup version yet was now also fully street legal in all 50 states. 
For 2009, Lotus originally planned 50 units to be allocated to North America – however, these totals were severely reduced as a result of production complications and global economic conditions. At the end of the 2009 model year, only 25 (not including the one Canadian car) Sport 260's were manufactured and delivered to the US. From mid 2008 through 2009, most auto manufacturers were suffering from reduced sales. Lotus may have overestimated the demand of the 260 (at its price point) and time required in the build process for many labor intensive hand-managed components. In addition, to complicate the laborious 260 production, the assembly line in Hethel was also ramping up for the upcoming Evora and supplying components for the Tesla roadster.
A revised 2010 Cup 260 was shown in August 2009 with a slightly detuned ECU (for enhanced CO2) and incorporating the standard 2010 Exige restyle elements along with some CUP specific additions. The Cup substituted carbon fiber again for some strategic external panels along with full complement in the interior. The 2010 restyle added a smaller version of the 2008 Exige GT3 show car's fixed spoiler in place of the former hatch-mounted Exige wing. squared off oil cooler and grill openings. 
Given the poor sales of the 2009 Exige Sport 260 in North America, Lotus was initially undecided about exporting another version for 2010. Lotus conducted focus groups regarding the Sport 260 and received feedback that the exterior graphics were polarizing. Finally in December 2010, Lotus announced plans for a North American 2010 Sport 260 which would not include any badges, labeling or graphics (other than any paintwork revealing exposed carbon fiber). Even the rear LOTUS lettering was omitted. Unusually, despite an effort to tone down the exterior, the North American Sport 260 received bright red door and seat inserts. 
The Exige Scura/Stealth was sold in Europe and Asia in mid 2010 with porous-textured, matte-finished paint. The Scura/Stealth had the 260 tune along with some other Sport/Cup components but added a back window back in, carbon fiber shift tunnel and different carbon fiber seats.
Lotus sales for 2010 were slightly better than 2009 - due in part to improved global economic conditions and the addition of the newly launched Evora sales to the bottom line. The Evora did not turn out to be the sales homerun Lotus was counting on as many were left unsold in dealer stock at the end of the year. Although 2010 Cup 260 sales exceeded the 2009 model year, overall Exige sales were impacted due to consumer dissatisfaction with the mismatched restyle. In North America, the initial plan of selling 50 Sport 260's was again scaled back with just 30 being exported.
Lotus's supply of Toyota-sourced 2ZZ engines came down to their final stock in 2010, enough for 2011 production. This was anticipated as Lotus prepared for a final run of S2 Elise and Exige's. The assembly period and sales of a model year varied between regions. The 2010 Cup 260 represented the end of the line of the ultimate Exige for most markets in December 2010. To mark the final year for the 2ZZ and S2 Exige, Lotus planned a number of limited editions for the 2011 model year. The RGB version, in recognition of Roger Becker's retirement, was the first and the last limited edition Exige in 2011 for most markets. The last Exige (except for North America) produced in December 2010 was a limited edition RGB version. 
For North America, in addition to the RGB, there were some additional limited editions planned to mark the end of Elise/Exige models - a 'Final' Edition Elise and Exige were packaged along with a Matte edition Exige. These were mainly cosmetic packages which did not include many of the Sport/Cup 260's upgrades. The 2011 RGB, Final and Matte editions did not have any carbon fiber exterior or interior components, had one piece front disc brakes, no accusump or other added performance weight-saving measures. In essence, the RGB, Final and Matte editions were the same any standard 2010 S240's with the detuned 2010 260 ECU and a plaque.
In July 2010, there were 3 unfinished Sport Exiges left over from unrealized 2010 North American production that had not been finished. The 3 final Exige Sport 260's were completed and exported to the US in late 2010 as 2011's with 2011 VIN's. Against the earlier focus groups advise, these 3 final 2011 Sport 260's included all the graphics which was present on all 2009 Sport and 2009+ Cup cars with full rear LOTUS lettering. 
In late 2012, the series 3 Exige is slated to go into production. As Lotus struggles through ownership transition and financial circumstances, the series 3 Exige will take Lotus in a slightly different direction incorporating the same supercharged V6 utilized by the Evora S along with specially designed electronic aids intended to enhance driver capability and stabilize traction. The S3 has the ability to be a stellar car with equally impressive performance - however it remains to be seen if the electronic assistance inhibits any of the tactile experience or visceral qualities that made the Sport/ Cup 260 the ultimate driver's car. For now, there are no plans to 'federalize' or export the V6 Exige to North America in street-legal form causing the Sport 260 to be the pinnacle until that changes. 

Vehicle has been inspected and all services are up to date.   Vehicle comes with two keys and service records are available for inspection.  Vehicle title type is normal and shows buyback from manfacturer due to the first owner reporting 6 items and Lotus Cars warranted a buyback in good faith to keep a customer happy. It’s quite obvious of the 6 issues reported, all but one warranted a buyback (ECM).   We have a copy in file of the declaration from Lotus Cars.

California Warranty Buyback Notice

Problems reported by original owner:
1. Stalling
a. 05/09/12 – Replaced ECM
2. Carbon Fiber dash trim passenger side above vent popped off & is loose
a. 07/23/11 – Replaced trim
3. I-Pack trim stitch is separating left side above turn signal
a. 07/23/11 – Replaced trim
4. Check engine light on and intermittently when slowing to a stop
a. 06/23/11 – Tightened fuel cap
5. After driving vehicle at least 10 miles at freeway speeds, then pulling off and coming to as stop, idles for 10 seconds the stalls (due to not driving enough and not on a trickle charger)
a. 01/24/11 – Replaced battery
6. I-Pack trim is separating at stitch left hand side
a. 01/24/11 – Ordered part

Second buyer purchased on 09/28/12


Please consider this an invitation to visit Gator Motorsport, Lotus of Indianapolis!  If you have any questions or wish for more information about this vehicle or any other vehicle, please do not hesitate to call Tony Pechiney or Phil Wehman @ 855-428-6767 or email


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Exige S 260 Sport
Color (Exterior)
Aspen White w/ Exposed Carbon Fiber
Color (Interior)
Red & Black Alcantara
6-speed Manual w/ Limited-Slip Differential

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