Bryan 'Dino' DiNorcia

Parts Specialist

Going the extra mile for our customers is always fundamental to operations at Gator Motorsport. For Dino, this is second nature. His systematic approach and attention to detail enables him to dependably serve clients by finding the exact parts they need – which is not always an easy endeavor. As a graduate of Lincoln Technical Institute where he studied HighPerformance and Racing Modification, he is more than capable to assist wherever needed. With a technically savvy mind and equally engaging personality, he is a well-balanced asset to the team. He has a lifetime love of cars in general and even his free time is spent around high speed vehicles. He might be found racing go-karts at the track, screaming down a drag car racing strip, or simply shooting photographs of automobiles. Dino eats and breathes cars which makes him a perfect fit at Gator Motorsport.


To contact Dino:  |  Office: 855.428.6767  |  Direct: 317.245.6307

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Bryan 'Dino' DiNorcia

Parts Specialist

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