A Very Special Photoshoot

Those of you who follow our website and social media outlets may notice that Gator takes pride in producing beautiful images that stand in stark contrast with your typical, generic inventory photos. Another area that Gator values strongly is community involvement. These two combined when Outreach Inc., a nonprofit that works to empower homeless youth and young adults, needed a vehicle for their photography club to practice shooting. Our Business Development Manager, Phil Wehman, decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce North American roads to the new Zenos North America E10R.

A lighter and more powerful version of the E10S, the E10R was not what the young photographers were expecting… many a jaw was dropped. After the initial surprise wore off, the shooting began. Each individual had their own vision for the photos, leading to a unique collection of perspectives. The amount of creativity behind each lens was truly inspiring. When the shoot was finished and the photos processed, the team was blown away by the results. These talented individuals had created works of art as bold and unique as the car itself; and that is truly something to be proud of.

Some of the photographers wished to have their photography Instagram accounts included in the photos; please do not hesitate checking out more of their work! Additionally, this incredible outing would not have been possible without Outreach Inc. If you’re interested in learning more about the fantastic work they do, please visit their website or Facebook page.